Thermulon is the first building insulation material to satisfy the criteria of fire-safety, performance and price. Designed from the molecular level up, Thermulon deploys the latest advances in chemical and processing technology into a product that meets the construction industry’s needs in the face of increasing regulatory standards.


Thermulon's molecular framework makes it inherently non-combustible (A2 fire-rating), making it the only high-thermal performance material meeting new regulations in the tall-buildings (>18 m) space in the United Kingdom.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermulon's nanoporous nature gives excellent thermal efficiency (lambda <20 mW/mK), meaning thinner insulation can be used to reach U-value regs – maximising expensive floorspace in urban environments.

Scale & Price

Bringing together the work of over 40 academics in nanoporous chemistry, a new material and process has been designed to match the scale and price required to operate in the construction industry.

Thermulon is the first material to meet new fire and energy-efficiency regulations at a price acceptable to the construction industry.



Thermulon was created as a direct market response to a need from the construction industry. Whilst researching buildings efficiency and sustainable materials at the Deep Science Ventures accelerator in London, Dr. Sam Cryer found that due to new regulation there was a direct market need for a material that was non-combustible, thermally efficient, scalable and price competitive to current alternatives.


With a PhD in nanomaterials from Imperial College, he proceeded to read over 130 academic papers, discuss with more than 40 industry and 30 academic experts, and iterate the product over 12 times to derive a new methodology to synthesise nanoporous materials which matched these aforementioned criteria.

Academic papers
Industry Experts
Academic Experts
Product Iterations


What the experts are saying

 There is a clear need for low cost, high performance materials with unbeatable thermal properties compliant with all fire regulations . If Thermulon can be comparable in price on a "£ spent / unit of conductivity" basis, be responsibly produced and have all necessary environmental credentials, it will surely gain traction in the market place as a contractor's go-to material. 

Top 3 UK Engineer Consultancy
Building Performance Engineer

I've worked globally with many early stage science based businesses throughout my career, as an investor, as an executive and as a consultant, always with a view to help capitalise commercial opportunity and drive growth. I have observed that Thermulon is taking the correct considered approach to understand market needs and opportunities on their journey to commercialization. They have a good grasp of what they need to do to be competitive in the construction industry and an excellent technical team behind them. I'm expecting big things in the years to come!

Top 3 Global Chemical Company
Ex-president – Business Unit Manager

Almost all of our new developments are in excess of 18.0m high from the adjacent ground level. Up until the end of last year this meant that we were installing a phenolic insulation and each installation was assessed for its suitability by a qualified fire engineer. Our ability to do this was removed by the Government following the Grenfell Tragedy.

We have an immediate need for a high performance non-combustible insulation product which allows us to work to the overall wall build ups we have become accustomed to since Phenolic foam became available to us. The use of a mineral fibre product although cost effective in itself has cost prohibitive results with regard to masonry support, wall ties and nett to gross floor area calculations which may affect the viability of many new schemes.

Top London Housing Authority
Senior Design & Technical Manager



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